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Promotional Products to Boost Employee Wellness

Finding the motivation to visit the gym or go for a run isn’t always a walk in the park (no pun intended). Especially, when your “new year, new me” motivation runs dry.

But what if you had awesome fitness products to motivate you and keep you accountable all year long? Imagine how much easier it would be for you to actually accomplish all of your fitness goals!

Stay motivated with smart fitness products

To help you stay motivated, we’re sharing 5 smart promotional products we know you’ll love! So, if you’re ready to crush your 2019 fitness goals like a CHAMP – keep on reading!

5 Really
Smart Promotional Products for Fitness

1. Apple AirPods

Not feeling motivated to workout? Just pop in these Apple AirPods®! Because nothing will get you motivated quicker than your favorite workout playlist.

This high-end promotional product is great for employees, customers, and really anyone who needs help getting off the couch and onto the treadmill!Smart headphones - promotional productsWhy we love these headphones:

  • The outstanding features of this product are truly remarkable – incredible sound quality, convenient charging case with an amazing 24-hour battery life, and no wires to fuss with.
  • If you’re looking for the best fitness products that money can buy, you’ll be happy with every penny you spend on this high-end promotional product.
  • The ability to add your company’s logo to such an iconic product is pretty amazing.

2. Smart Watch

Keep track of your fitness journey the smart way! This smart watch will take the burden of managing your fitness off your shoulders and gladly do the work for you!

It’s the perfect promotional product for fitness enthusiasts and anyone who loves having access to their personal fitness data.Smart fitness watch - promotional productWhy we love this smart watch:

  •  This amazing smart watch tracks your steps, distance, calories burned, quality of sleep, and so much more! It even lets you make/receive phone calls and receive text messages from your device.
  • With all the functions and features of this smart watch, it makes a great promotional product for brands that don’t mind paying a little extra for exceptional quality and performance.
  • Your customers and employees can use this promotional product every day, not just on gym days!

3. Smart Activity Band

Because smart watches are so popular, we’ve also included another similar option on today’s list. This smart fitness band is a great alternative fitness product for employees looking to stay motivated and on top of their fitness goals!Smart activity band - promotional productWhy we love this activity band:

  • If you love smart watches but don’t love a high price tag, consider this budget-friendly promotional product.
  • Track your daily fitness activities with ease – steps, distance, calories burned, and exercise time. You can even set your own custom exercise goals!
  • Do you like having options? This fitness band gives you several stylish colors to choose from, including black, purple, and red.

4. Smartphone Armband

When you’re working on your fitness, you shouldn’t have to worry about holding your phone or accidentally leaving it at an exercise machine.

It’s time to keep your phone secure and out of your hands with a smart armband! This promotional product is perfect for the gym, the great outdoors, and is a must-have fitness accessory.Smart fitness armband - promotional productWhy we love this armband:

  • Whether you have an iPhone® or Android™ device, this armband is designed with you in mind and will comfortably fit most smartphone devices.
  • This affordable promotional product will make your workout sessions so much easier and hassle free!
  • It’s high-performance design and high-quality material will provide superior comfort and make for a great fit.

5. Cube Timer

It’s time to manage your workout in a new, fun way! The four sides of the cube indicate the minutes you would like to start timing, so just turn it to the side needed and it will begin! Pretty cool, right?Smart fitness timer - promotional productWhy we love this fitness timer:

  • Working out can sometimes get monotonous but using fun fitness products like this cool fitness timer will keep your workouts fresh and fun!
  • If you’re looking for a unique promotional product for getting in shape, this cube timer is a great choice.
  • It’s super easy to use and is a great fitness product to use both at home and the gym.

Check back the entire month of January for even more blog posts on promotional fitness products that will keep you motivated all year long!

The brand sourcing experts at Centricity would love to help you source, design, and curate custom promotional products that will match your brand culture and WOW your audience!

Each of the products featured in this blog can be branded, left blank, or enhanced with custom packaging to support the memorable experience you want to deliver. If you’re interested in learning more, send us a message! We’d love to hear from you.

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