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Help Your Employees Look Good & Feel Great: Fitness Accessories

Looking good and feeling great is something we all want. But how can you help your employees turn that want into a reality? The answer is promotional fitness products!

You see, the quickest way to help your employees look and feel their best is to help them make fitness a top priority! And when you’ve done that, you’ll need to follow up by giving them the tools they need to get the job done – incredible fitness accessories!

Look good and feel great with promotional products

Promotional fitness products play a major role in helping your employees look and feel their best. For starters, it will motivate them (you know, so they actually use that new gym membership they signed up for) and it also helps your employees feel more confident at the gym or wherever they choose to work out!

Fitness accessories are an important part of your employee’s fitness journey. So today, we’re sharing 5 must-have promotional products for your employees that are also amazing fitness accessories!


5 Must-Have Promotional Products: Fitness Accessories

1. Nike Sport Duffel

Who doesn’t love a good gym bag? This Nike Sport Duffle is large enough to fit everything you need at the gym and will easily fold to fit into even the smallest locker.Promotional fitness products: duffle bag

Why we love this duffel:

  • Your employees are busy, so anything that saves them time will definitely be appreciated. Having this gym bag lets them skip the trip home and head right to the gym from wherever they are!
  • Depending on how high-maintenance they are (no judgement here), your employees might have a lot they need for their workout. Either way, they’ll have plenty of space with this sports duffle!

2. Shoelaces

How cool are these branded laces? This promotional product would be a great add-on when giving your employees a branded fitness kit. You could include other products like a great-looking water bottle, fitness towel, and maybe a healthy granola bar!

Promotional fitness products: branded shoelaces

Why we love these shoelaces:

  • You wouldn’t normally expect to receive branded shoelaces, which is what makes this such a great promotional choice. It’s definitely a unique product that will really stand out with your employees!
  • The customization options of this product make it a real winner in my book. You can really create something one-of-a-kind and unique to your brand.

3. Fitness Towel

After your employees work up a nice sweat, they’ll need a way to cool off and dry off. A fitness towel is a great promotional product to give them and it can be used in a variety of different settings, not just at the gym!

Promotional fitness products: gym towel

Why we love this fitness towel:

  • Working up a sweat is a sign of a great workout but that doesn’t mean your employees want to carry that sweat with them the rest of the day. This is definitely a fitness essential for your employees!
  • If you want to give great promotional products without breaking the bank, this is a great way to go! There are so many color and design options to choose from and you can really get creative.

4. Personal Fitness Kit

We don’t always have time to hit the gym, so why not bring the gym to your employees with this personal fitness kit? The kit includes one pair of hand grips, one pair of ankle weights, one pair of weight extensions, exercise band, and a jump rope.

Promotional fitness accessory - Fitness kit

Why we love this fitness kit:

  • With so many great products included in this kit, you’ll really get a lot of bang for your buck and at a budget-friendly price point!
  • Even though this kit includes a lot of great fitness products, it’s not too large and it won’t be a burden to store.

5. Nike Essential Bag

If your company has an offsite fitness center, your employees will love this fitness product. After a good workout session, they’ll use this bag to freshen up before returning to their desk or heading home.

Why we love this essentials bag:

  • This toiletries bag is perfect for storing all of the personal hygiene products your employees could possibly need after their workout.
  • Nike definitely doesn’t skimp out when it comes to quality, so you can feel confident in adding your brand’s logo to this product.

And there you have it – 5 fitness products to help your employees look good and feel great!

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The brand sourcing experts at Centricity would love to help you source, design, and curate custom promotional products that will match your brand culture and WOW your audience!

Each of the products featured in this blog can be branded, left blank, or enhanced with custom packaging to support the memorable experience you want to deliver. If you’re interested in learning more, send us a message! We’d love to hear from you.

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