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Eco-Friendly Promotional Products for Your Brand

Wisconsin Senator Nelson started Earth Day in 1969 to raise awareness and spark change for our environment. Ever since, we’ve all been more in tune than ever with the impact we have on our environment.

From a business perspective, embracing Earth Day’s teachings simply makes sense. Younger generations, especially Millennials and Gen Z, own the future of our consumer market–$1.4 trillion in annual spending by 2020, to be exact–and they’re buying eco-friendly.

A 2018 consumer report from Fast Company best describes the impact of being eco-friendly:

“…when millennials trust a company’s social and environmental practices, 90% say they’ll buy from that brand, and 95% say they’ll recommend the products to their friends and family.”

So, how can your brand join the eco-friendly movement? With Earth Day-inspired promotional products, you won’t just promote your brand, you’ll showcase a commitment to Mother Nature and corporate social responsibility. Keep reading to find our 5 favorite eco-friendly promotional products.

5 Eco-Friendly Products Your Customers Will Love

We’ve found the best eco-friendly promotional products for growing both your brand and your commitment to the planet. Whether your property is sponsoring a sustainability event or you just want to celebrate your brand’s commitment to the environment, we have some impactful ideas for you.

  1. Absorbent and Reusable Ragbags

    RagBags are so much more than just shopping bags. Made in the U.S. from a soft, strong, and absorbent bio-based material, they can be reused and repurposed, eliminating the need for plastic or paper bags. Their super-absorbent fabric also makes them ideal for soaking up spills or daily cleaning, so they can be used as hand towels, polishing cloths, trash bags, napkins, or baby bibs. And they’re washable, so you can use them over and over again. When or if you do throw them away, they’re fully biodegradable.

  2. Sustainable Appeel Journal

    Have you ever owned a Castelli® Journal? If you have, you know that they have beautiful designs and colors, outstanding quality, and are also sustainably sourced. Before producing each journal, the Castelli family researches materials and chooses only the most luscious and environmentally friendly supplies. Castelli products project ethical principles, intelligence, and family values. In particular, their Appeel Journal is made from apple peels that are ground and emulsified into an organic paper. This ground-breaking eco- friendly product is animal friendly, sustainable, and all natural. Available in multiple sizes and styles, there is sure to be one within your budget. And it smells sweet too!

  3. Decorative Seeds, Plants and More

    Choose a product that lives and grows. Decide between flowers, herbs, succulents, and exotic plants, all with organic seeds and fertilizers. The base is flexible and made from either compressed bamboo or biodegradable planter. We love that these products are innovative, made with sustainable resources and short supply chains, and they can be customized for your eco-friendly brand initiative.

  4. Recycled Paper Products

    On a paper thin budget? Get some paper! Seeded paper, that is. Whether you need cards or coasters, custom shapes, coins, or growfetti, the seeded paper market keeps expanding. Bloomin seed paper is handmade in the U.S. from 100% post- consumer/post-industrial recycled paper. It’s available in natural white or colored with all-natural, vegetable-based pigments, and they use corn-based materials for packaging the paper. Bloomin Paper is packed with flower, vegetable, herb, grass, trees and many other varieties of seeds. Bloomin is also a Benefits Corporation, meaning that they are held to high standards for their workers, suppliers, customers, and the environment.

  5. Versatile Wood Stickers

    These stickers are an awesome new addition to the promotional products industry. Produced by Dust City from sustainable wood veneer, they are cut to your custom design of choice and hand finished with a clear protective coating and a super-adhesive backing. The stickers bend with the grain of the wood, so you can put them on more than just flat surfaces. Get creative and put them on glassware, flower pots, lamp shades, and more. And, a fun little fact: because these stickers are well protected, you can use them inside or outside, and put them in the dishwasher if they need a little clean up.

Eco-Friendly Promo Products in Action

Want to see how eco-friendly promotional products really work? Let’s take a look at how our hospitality client, Compass USA, has used promotional products to promote an internal campaign.

Their food-saving initiative, Love Food Not Waste (LFNW), sheds light on food waste and its cost impact to their operations. LFNW addresses not only environmental concerns, but also the business cost saved by making a few simple changes in the behaviors of employees and customers. They offer an ecommerce site where associates can support the program by purchasing products with LFNW messaging. Proceeds of the sales are then filtered back into the program itself.

Compass is dedicated itself to various socially responsible programs also, including FareShare, Imperfectly Delicious, and the Food Recovery Network, each of which they help supplement.

This year, we hope you’ll think about the eco-friendly programs your company supports and how to voice your brand’s own sustainable messaging with environmentally friendly promotional products.

Contact us or download the full Grow Your Brand Catalog below for more ideas!

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