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Amazing Holiday Gifts Your Employees Will Love

Finding the best holiday gifts for your employees isn’t always easy. Maybe you know the feeling all too well: hours spent searching online and more browser tabs open than you can count, only to find products that you wouldn’t even want yourself… Bah humbug!

But before you turn into Scrooge or an angry elf, we have some great news that will cheer you right up! Shopping for corporate holiday gifts just got a whole lot easier because today we’re introducing 21 amazing holiday gifts your employees will love!

21 Amazing Holiday Gifts for Your Employees

If you’re ready to give your employees something to smile about this holiday season, keep on scrolling to see some of the trendiest promotional products ever!

Oh, and be sure to check out our 2018 Corporate Holiday Gift Guide, if you haven’t already, to see even more amazing corporate gift ideas.

Promotional Products and Gifts for Employees

21 Holiday Gifts to Give Your Employees:

1. Moleskine
® Hard Cover Notebook

Your employees will have heart eyes for days when they receive this beautiful notebook. And with so many colors to choose from, you can decide whether to go with this absolutely GORGEOUS holiday red or another equally stunning color.

Promotional Products and Gifts for Employees

2. Mule Gift Set

There are two reasons why I love this holiday gift option for employees: 1. Do you see the size of that lollipop? 2. When these delicious holiday treats are all gone, they’ll still be left with a dazzling 16oz copper mule.

Promotional Products and Gifts for Employees

3. Pom-Pom Knit Beanie

The weather outside is frightful but this beanie sure is delightful! Your employees will stay warm by rocking this pom-pom knit beanie all winter season! Looking for a different color besides red? No problem. This beanie comes in other great colors too.

Promotional Products and Gifts for Employees

4. Sweet & Savory Tower

With holiday packaging this stunning, your employees might forget that the actual gifts are on the inside! These gorgeous stripes carry holiday snacks your employees will absolutely love – 11 delicious snacks to be exact!Promotional Products and Gifts for Employees

5. M&M’s Treat Jar

It’s almost impossible to resist reaching for a handful of delicious M&M’s when they come packaged in this elegant see-through container. And when the candy is all gone, your employees can use the jar for their favorite beverages.

Promotional Products and Gifts for Employees

6. Entertainment Kit

This kit is exactly what your employees need when entertaining their friends and family. The kit comes with a wooden handle and stainless steel tongs, spatula, fork, and three stainless steel skewers.Promotional Products and Gifts for Employees

7. Leather Pocket Wallet

Your employees will love using this holiday gift to carry their credit cards and cash. Just add your logo to the beautiful leather and even consider including a gift card if you really want to spoil your employees!Promotional Products and Gifts for Employees

8. Luggage Tag

Whether they’re traveling for business or pleasure, this leather tag is a great holiday gift for all of your jet-setting employees. It comes in a variety of colors and is the perfect accessory to any luggage or travel bag.Promotional Products and Gifts for Employees

9. Canvas & Faux Leather Pouch

Your employees are looking for a stylish and practical way to organize all of their belongings, and this pouch is it! The black canvas and faux leather gives a very luxurious look and the pouch comes with a lot of customization options.

Promotional Products and Gifts for Employees

10. Gold Party Cup

Work hard and play hard with this stainless steel party cup! This is a fun holiday gift to give your employees and you can expect them to be used around the office. Just add your logo and complete the gift by filling it up with delicious holiday candy!Promotional Products and Gifts for Employees

11. Bamboo Glass Bottle

Wondering how to pick a gift your employees will love? Pick a promotional product that is beautiful, unique, and useful! This 25oz bamboo glass bottle fits that description perfectly and will help your employees stay healthy and hydrated.Promotional Products and Gifts for Employees

12. Power Bank

You and your employees share something in common – you both can’t stand when your electronics run out of power. That’s why this portable power bank makes the perfect corporate holiday gift. It’s dual USB output design even charges two devices at once!Promotional Products and Gifts for Employees

13. Plaid Chocolate Box

What’s better than 32 individually-wrapped pieces of chocolate? 32 pieces of chocolate packaged in a beautiful plaid holiday box! Just choose the color of your ribbon and add your own custom band to complete the gift.

Promotional Products and Gifts for Employees


14. Leather Mousepad

I’m obsessed with this leather mousepad. It’s perfect for the office and employees will love the extra touch that the beautiful leather adds to their desk. Even better, the leather comes in a variety of colors, so pick whichever color you like best!Promotional Products and Gifts for Employees

15. Black Glass Candle

Candles make great holiday gifts, especially this modern soy wax candle. Your employees will love lighting it and smelling the incredible aroma as it fills their home. For a holiday fragrance, consider going with blue spruce, woodland berry, or urban winter.

Promotional Products and Gifts for Employees


16. Marble & Bamboo Coaster

This coaster combines two popular materials, marble and bamboo, to create a beautiful promotional product your employees are sure to love. Just add your logo and even consider monogramming your employee’s initials for something super trendy and special!

Promotional Products and Gifts for Employees


17. Canvas Weekender Duffle Bag

When shopping for your employees this holiday, consider giving them a way to travel in style! This canvas duffle bag is one of my favorites on the list. Your employees will be able to pack everything they need for a quick weekend getaway and look good while doing it.Promotional Products and Gifts for Employees

18. Menthol Soap

If your employees have never tried menthol body soap, they’re missing out! This stuff is so luxurious and leaves your body feeling amazingly clean and tingly. It’s even made with peppermint oil! The following product is an example of what you could do with your own logo and packaging.Promotional Products and Gifts for Employees

19. Leather Sunglass Case

Keep your favorite pair of sunglasses protected with this beautiful sunglass case. It has a both rugged and polished look, which will appeal to almost anyone! You can definitely count on this being a holiday hit with your employees.

Promotional Products and Gifts for Employees


20. Cotton Lunchbox

You might be surprised at the number of your employees who don’t own a lunchbox. Especially, millennials who love ordering food to-go. But with this trendy lunchbox, you’ll not only impress your employees, you’ll motivate them to bring their lunch more often and ultimately save them money!Promotional Products and Gifts for Employees

21. Tumbler Gift Set

Remind your employees that the sky is the limit with this 16oz tumbler containing delicious chocolate stars! The double wall tumbler is sweat-proof and has a metallic lid making it a stylish holiday gift choice for employees.
Promotional Products and Gifts for Employees

The brand sourcing experts at Centricity would love to help you source, design, and curate custom promotional products that will match your brand culture and WOW your audience!

Each of the products featured in this blog can be branded, left blank, recreated, or enhanced with custom packaging to support the memorable experience you want to deliver. If you’re interested in learning more, send us a message! We’d love to hear from you.

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