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How to Attract Millennials at Career Fairs

It’s essential that your brand stands out when competing for Millennial talent at busy career fairs. First impressions really matter, so be sure your giveaways at job fairs and recruiting events confirm for candidates that they are choosing the right company–yours! Check out our curated collection of the hottest career fair giveaways and branded products.

Here are some tips about Millennials along with career fair products they’re sure to love and remember.

  1. They love coffee.

    Millennials alone drink 44 percent of all coffee consumed in the United States, according to a 2016 Bloomberg study, and most started drinking coffee before age 18. Why the coffee craze? Experts say it’s because Millennials care about health, and coffee provides a caffeine boost without the unhealthy side effects of sugary sodas or energy drinks.

    Coffee beans are perfect career fair and sign-on gifts for Millennial employees. Popular coffee brands work fine, but it’s even more impactful if you choose beans that are organic, fair-trade, or special edition. Not only do Millennials love sustainable coffee, but they care about where it comes from, too.

    Complete the giveaway with a label or packaging that displays your company logo along with relevant HR or application information.

  2. They are always on the move.

    Millennials are always on the go. Whether it’s joining a gym or sports team, hiking, going on weekend trips, or working remotely, Millennials love to live active lifestyles. That’s why backpacks are especially suited for this busy generation of go-getters. Choose trendy, stylish, and functional backpacks as career fair and sign-on gifts, and be sure that they only discreetly bear your brand.

    For added impact with top recruits, fill the backpack with products and tools for successful onboarding.

  3. Quality is more important to them than brands.

    Millennials are willing to pay up for high-quality goods, according to CNBC. Factors such as product quality, sustainability, and reliability matter more to Millennials than brand names do. That’s why, as long as you choose well-made products to give out as career fair giveaways, Millennials will appreciate it no matter the brand.

    Straying from brand names also saves you, the employer/gift-giver, money. Take this travel mug, for example. Perfect for on-the-go Millennials, high quality, and more affordable than its brand name counterparts. Top it off with a logo or personalized packaging.

    Millennials also care about the environment more than any previous generation. They don’t want to use plastic water bottles or paper coffee cups. If your company wants to attract Millennials at job fairs, start with reusable cups and bottles. Millennials are sure to use them, appreciate them, and associate your company with environmental friendliness each time they take a sip.

  4. They care about the work-life balance.

    Millennials value work-life balance above all other job characteristics, researchers at Deloitte found. When attracting Millennial employees, remember this. Compared to earlier generations, a healthy work-life balance isn’t just a desire, it’s a demand.

    At job fairs and during recruitment, your company can show that it embraces a balanced lifestyle for employees by giving out health-minded products. We especially like the idea of giving out branded yoga mats. Not only do Millennials love yoga, but the practice of yoga also promotes balance and health. So, as they practice yoga on a mat branded to your company, they’ll subliminally associate it with balance. And you’ll stand out among competitors.

  5. Millennials want to feel appreciated and part of the company culture.

    Every workplace should work toward a positive company culture and not just for Millennials’ sake. At Centricity, we forge a positive company culture by recognizing and appreciating one another. Millennials and every other generation at Centricity feel the positive effects of recognition at work.

    These decorative stones are the perfect pick-me-up for anyone’s office or home. The stones are customized with your company’s logo, usually along with an inspirational quote. Giving them out at job fairs helps set the tone for an uplifting company culture and will leave a positive impression on recipients.

  6. They learn fast, task efficiently, and get things done. No matter where they are.

    This goes back to being on-the-go and concerned about a work-life balance. Millennials know how to work efficiently, and they’ll choose to work remotely when given the chance. Keep this in mind as one of the most important tips for recruiting Millennials in the hospitality industry. They thrive outside of desk-ridden, nine-to-five, traditional work routines, and they won’t disappoint.

    That’s why power banks are the perfect career fair giveaways for Millennial recruits. Choose something that’s as mobile as they are, complete with your company logo.

    Your journey to attracting Millennial employees starts here. Reach out to my team, and we’ll help you order the best career fair and sign-on gifts for Millenial recruits.

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