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5 Critical Components for your Employee Engagement Program

If your launching or revamping an employee engagement program, there are several critical components that you should consider before you begin.

In our work building employee engagement programs for hundreds of clients, we address each of the following components to help ensure high impact results.

1. Regular Intervals of Recognition.

Recognition in the workplace goes a long way, but you have to do it often and regularly to see the greatest impact on your employees.

When employees are recognized, they feel acknowledged, empowered, and invested in the organization. Recognition also reinforces positive behavior, lowers stress levels, and helps increase retention for employees and customers.

And by including non-monetary recognition programs, recognition frequency can scale with no additional cost to your organization.

2. Collaboration.

Employees work together, whether they’re in the same building or not. Whether part of a team on a major project or just colleagues helping each other out, your employees want to strengthen their work relationships. Integrate a peer-to-peer component to your engagement program and watch collaboration and engagement increase.

3. Productivity.

People tend to have an innate competitive nature, so as an executive, you should harness this enthusiasm into some healthy competition. Include a leaderboard or stats update so employees can track progress against others in the organization.

4. Flexibility.

Allow rewards to be given by leadership and staff. The reward options should range from a simple thank you to a more complex reward that is earned over time for a job well done.

5. Ease of Use.

Make the platform easy for users to access from multiple devices or platforms, and easy to submit different types of rewards. You should also build an efficient approval process and a straightforward download or delivery method for receiving the reward.

Studies consistently show appreciation in the workplace is impactful to employee engagement. Whether you implement a set of low-cost fun perks or work with an engagement agency to develop a carefully crafted corporate rewards program, a fulfilled employee will generate positive results in every aspect of your organization. 

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