11 Promotional Products Every Sports Fan Wants!

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If you’re a New England sports fan, it’s been a really good year for you. The Boston Red Sox won the World Series and the New England Patriots won the Super Bowl – what more could you ask for, right?

Well, just when you thought things couldn’t get any better, they did. Today, we’re sharing 11 awesome promotional products for sports fans! These promotional products make great gifts for employees and are great retail products to add to your online web store!

And, if your company happens to operate its own sports team, consider using these products for your team’s branded merchandise. It’ll get your fans cheering in no time!

Promotional Products for Sports Fans

Promotional products for sports fanatics

Travel Accessories:

#1. Duffle Bag

This duffle is a complete knock out of the park – no pun intended. It’s great for quick weekend getaways or for longer trips as a carry-on bag. It’s available for all of the MLB sports teams and would be a great promotional product for employee rewards programs.

#3. Backpack

There’s a lot of great promotional backpacks on the market, but this bag is in a league of its own (see what I did there?). The branding is beautifully done and it’s a fantastic promotional product for sports fans who love repping their teams. Backpacks are available for all of the MLB sports teams. 

#4. Laptop Sleeve

Students will love this laptop sleeve. It’s made with high-quality material and its stylish design will keep students looking good, while also protecting their computer. It’s available in any of the MLB sports teams and is a great promotional product for students in college. 

#7. Hip Pack aka “Fanny Pack”

If you thought fanny packs died in the ’80s, think again. Fanny packs have made a comeback and honestly, I can’t think of a better promotional product for millennials who love tailgating. It’s available for all of the MLB sports teams. 

Game Day Must-Haves:

#2. Clear Event Messenger Bag

Help your customers enjoy game day with this clear messenger bag! Its size and clear design make it stadium approved and it will easily hold all of their game day essentials. This is a very practical and useful promotional product to give your customers and will keep them prepared to cheer for their team, rain or shine. 

#5. Can Cooler

Don’t let a cold beer or soda ruin game day for your employees! Give them one of these can coolers, so they can worry less about keeping their drinks cold and focus more on watching their team win the game. This is a great promotional product for employees and customers who love cheering on their teams at the stadium or at home. 

#11. Team Patches

Sports fanatics love showing off their team swag and these custom patches will definitely take their style to the next level! Custom patches are very popular with millennials and look amazing on denim jackets or backpacks. It’s a stylish and affordable promotional product to give college students.

Sports Fan Essentials:

#6. Key Fobs

To be a true sports fanatic, you need everyday sports fan essentials like these custom key fobs! It’s an easy way to represent your sports team everywhere you go and can be given as a promotional gift for employees, customers, and anyone who matters to your brand. Key fobs are available for all NBA, NFL, MLB, and NHL teams.

#8. Coasters

Sports fans love cheering for their team in the company of good friends and great food. Most of the time that means inviting friends over and hosting the game at home! So, help them take their hosting game to the next level with these custom coasters. It’s an awesome promotional product for your online web store or as a product in your employee rewards program! Key fobs are available for most professional teams.

#9. Ice Bucket

Who wouldn’t love a custom ice bucket for all of their beverages on game day? After all, no one wants to miss a moment of the big game making a trip to the kitchen for a refill. College bookstores and online stores should really consider adding this promotional product to their customer offerings. 

#10. Tumbler

Most of us can’t show up at the office every day wearing our favorite team jersey. But thankfully, we can still show our team pride with custom tumblers. It’s a great promotional product for employees and it budget-friendly price makes it great for your company’s marketing budget too. Tumblers are available for all NBA, NFL, MLB, and NHL teams.

Want to explore even more promotional product ideas for your brand? Browse all of our blog posts to find exactly what you’re looking for! 

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