Really Cool Promotional Products for Students in 2019!

Cool Promotional Product for Students

Make 2019 your coolest year ever with cool promotional swag for students! 

To get you started, we’ve put together a list of 5 really cool promotional products that students will love in 2019.

These products won’t just make your brand look cool, they’ll leave a lasting impression on students all year long and turn them into some of your biggest brand advocates!

5 Cool Promotional Products for Students

1. 24oz Stainless Steel Tumbler

Between classes, study sessions, and off-campus activities, college students are always on the go! So naturally, tumblers are some of the best promotional products you can give them. But if you really want to impress students with cool promotional products, pick something they’re sure to love! You can count on this tumbler’s trendy design being an instant hit and it will quickly become their favorite go-to tumbler!Cool Tumblers for Students - promotional products

2. Tile Mate

With so much stuff to keep tabs on, the Tile Mate makes a great promotional gift for students. Plus, with so many after-school and upcoming travel, they can definitely use some help keeping track of their belongings. Cool Swag for Students - promotional productsCool tech accessories for students - promotional products


3. Needlepoint Hats

When students receive their college acceptance letter with cool promotional swag, you can definitely count on them taking a selfie or two! Students will love this very on-trend and stylish product. It will give them an effortlessly cool look as they walk around campus and hang out with friends.Cool Hats for College Students - promotional products

4. Beats Headphones

Having your logo on this promotional product is a quick way to earn major cool points for your brand. And honestly, it really doesn’t get much cooler than a pair of Beats headphones! Students will love the way these headphones make them look and feel, which is definitely the experience you want to achieve when giving a cool promotional product.

Cool headphones for students - promotional products


5. Champion Hoodie

Students will stay warm and cozy all winter long when you give them their new favorite hoodie! Champion is one of my favorite brands and it can be found in stores that students love to shop at (which should tell you something). And with so many colors and customization options to choose from, you can really create something unique to your brand! This is definitely one of the coolest promotional gifts you can give students in 2019.

Cool hoodies for students - promotional products


The brand sourcing experts at E group would love to help you source, design, and curate custom promotional products that will match your brand culture and WOW your audience!

Each of the products featured in this blog can be branded, left blank, or enhanced with custom packaging to support the memorable experience you want to deliver. If you’re interested in learning more, send us a message! We’d love to hear from you.

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