2019 PPAI Expo: My Favorite Promotional Products

Last week, I could hardly contain my excitement as I packed my bags and took a non-stop flight to fabulous Las Vegas for the 2019 PPAI Expo!

Here’s a look inside the trip:

What’s the PPAI Expo? I’m glad you asked!

The PPAI Expo is the industry’s largest promotional products trade show and this year’s show had more than 1,200 exhibitors and over 13,000 attendees!

Since it was my first time attending the PPAI expo, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. But after 2 days of walking the show floor with my team and discovering amazing promotional products I never knew existed, I was so impressed!

The 2019 PPAI Expo definitely exceeded all of my expectations. There was amazing promotional products for everyone – employees, customers, guests, members, you name it!

And with so many amazing promotional products, I wanted to share a few of my absolute favorites on the blog! Here’s 5 of my favorite promotional products from the 2019 PPAI Expo.

Amazing Promotional Products: 2019 PPAI Expo

Promotional Products for Hotel Guests – The Cutest Canvas Totes!

  • Hotel guests will love these destination canvas totes. It’s a fun way to welcome your guests to your hotel and the city you’re located in.
  • Tourists love bringing back souvenirs when they travel and this tote is sure to be one of their favorites!
  • Hotel guests always manage to leave their vacation with more things than they came with, so this promo tote will be great for their travels back home.

Promotional Products for Customers – Awesome Branded Socks!

  • Your customer’s sock game just got real strong with these new custom socks. I mean really, who doesn’t love a new pair of stylish socks?
  • When designing custom socks, it can be difficult to get the detail you want but these socks do an an incredible job of capturing even the smallest details of logos and designs.
  • You don’t just get custom socks, you get a complete custom product. All of the labels and sleeves on these socks are completely customizable too.

Promotional Products for Employees – Stylish Desk Photo Frames

  • There’s photo frames and then there’s cool photo frames. These frames are extremely cool and on-trend. Your employees will love them!
  • Because these frames are modern and clean, they’ll look good on all of your employee’s desks.
  • This is a great promotional product for new hires. It will help your employees feel right at home and excited to be a part of your company!

Promotional Products for Students – The Coolest Backpacks

  • If you’re trying to find a promotional product that students will love and use all year long, you’re looking at it. These backpacks feature a very popular retail design!
  • These bags may look simple but when you look closer, you see a lot of detailing that really makes these backpacks pop. There’s so many places to add your logo and ways to customize this backpack to your brand.
  • The exposure your brand will receive with this promotional product is truly incredible. As students walk to class or around campus, everyone will be eyeing their backpacks and taking notice of them and you!

Promotional Products for Everyone – New Trendy Water Bottles!

  • There were a lot of new, trendy water bottles at the PPAI Expo and these were some of my favorites. Their gorgeous designs and unique features really made these four products stand out.
  • Top left: water bottle with a built in speaker. You may have seen something like this before but this was by far the most impressive version I’ve seen. It was extremely high-quality and felt very high-end.
  • Top right: water bottle that looks like a portable speaker! How cool is this design? I haven’t seen anything like it and I really think we’ll be seeing a lot more of this in retail soon.
  • Bottom left: a unique and stylish drinkware item. I haven’t seen a design like this before. Watch out for this product too – it’s bound to do very well in retail!
  • Bottom right: new infuser bottles. These really caught my eye and are some of the nicest bottles I’ve seen that allow you to infuse your water with delicious fruit. These will make great promotional products for just about anyone!

Be sure to check back next week for the rest of our team’s favorite promotional products from the 2019 PPAI Expo. There’s definitely more amazing products to come on the blog!

The brand sourcing experts at E group would love to help you source, design, and curate custom promotional products that will match your brand culture and WOW your audience!

Each of the products featured in this blog can be branded, left blank, or enhanced with custom packaging to support the memorable experience you want to deliver. If you’re interested in learning more, send us a message! We’d love to hear from you.

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