Working With E Group: An Employee and Customer Engagement Agency


For inspired brand leaders, E Group is the employee and customer engagement agency that delivers the products, processes, platform and people for peace of mind. That’s why we make it easy for busy professionals like you to work with us.

We typically begin with a conversation, listening and learning to see how we might be of help. If we agree to move forward together, our three step process for engagement is a simple one: Discovery, Design, Delivery. It’s scaled to your precise requirement, from sourcing requests that are completed in minutes to complex enterprise wide programs that may take months to develop.





We begin with a conversation.  We ask, listen and learn. For sourcing projects this may be as quick as identifying your audience, budget and target date for delivery. For more complex programs, we identify the issues, discuss the importance and determine the potential impact on your organization. For large scale projects and technology platforms, our discovery process culminates in a scope of work (SOW) document that becomes the blueprint for your new program.


Every project we do requires design, whether it’s as basic as illustrating your logo on a product or as intricate as designing a web portal for employee engagement. E Group has a talented team of graphics and program designers on hand. Utilizing the info gathered during discovery, we will deploy the precise design talent you need to ensure impactful results.


While it’s definitely not sexy, delivery is a mission critical component of every project. Whether you are a launching a new brand or a new rewards platform, timing is truly everything. Our associates are experts in project management and our proprietary software provides real time dashboard tracking for every stage of your project.  We always start with the endgame in mind and provide assurances along the way for your peace of mind. 

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