Is your company a good fit for an engagement agency?


At E Group, we believe in full disclosure. Although we are one of the nation’s top engagement agencies, we know that we are not able to help everyone who comes to us.  

We’ve created this list to help busy professionals like you determine if we are a good fit:

  • Size may matter after all. Clients who appreciate us most are typically large organizations of 1,000+ employees, members or customers who are committed to increasing engagement with their audiences. 
  • We are not a good fit if price is all that matters. Our clients consistently appreciate the value we deliver. They may even consider us a bargain for the results they acheive. While we are always committed to delivering optimal value to our clients, that doesn't always equate to the cheapest price.
  • We are not a good fit for organizations simply looking to get blind bids on projects. Our clients expect results. So if we can't have a discussion about the results you are looking to achieve, we can't be confident we can successfully deliver for you.

If after reading this list, you’re still not sure, please contact us. We’re more than happy to answer any questions and determine together if we may be of service.

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