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What Are the Essential Components of a Safety Incentive Program?

Responsible for keeping your employees safe? In this video, Colin Eagen discuss the essential components that will keep your workforce proactively responding to safety concerns while saving you millions. 

No Cost Ways Associations Can Increase Non-Dues Revenue

Want to increase non-dues revenue for little to no additional cost? In this video, Steve Korker addresses significant and easy ways to increase income and support programs with little financial impact to your organization. Your association can increase brand affinity while increasing non-dues revenue by leveraging suppliers to help build programs. You can build member enthusiasm with collectables at events and conferences. Finally, leverage sponsors, quantify where you need help and they can provide financial backing.

3 Proven Ways to Increase Member Engagement

Challenged with the task of increasing member engagement? In this video, Steve Korker outlines some basic tenants to ensure your members are invested in your organization. Give and get as much value from every interaction as you can. Make sure your members are involved in the decisionmaking so they feel valued and engaged. Remind your members of their value to the organization, and don’t let them forget why they joined. Doing these things will result in having members that are more engaged, take action, and respect their membership.

How Can an Engagement Agency Help Increase Employee Engagement?

Need to improve your workplace culture and increase employee engagement? In this video, Colin Eagen discusses how an engagement agency can help you inspire and appreciate your employees while aligning them for success. 

Building a Total Wellness Program

A successful wellness program is more than just physical needs. Diets can’t be calories in vs. calories out, they have to be about your lifestyle, and so does a total wellness program. We know that building a total wellness program is not easy, and we’re here to help! In this video, E Group’s Employee Engagement Specialist, Rachel Niebeling, shares the components of a successful wellness program, getting buy-in from key individuals and accomplishing steady results.

How Much Does an Employee Engagement Program Cost?

Need an overview of costs to build an employee engagement program? In this video, Colin Eagen addresses the three main components that affect the operating cost of an employee engagement program. 


8 Hours of Productivity & Wellness

For every hour of your work day, you can find at least one realistic way to stick to your new year’s resolution to be healthier and more active. E Groupers Rachel Niebeling and Amy Dagliano demonstrate 8 hours of healthy habits for desk job workers in this fun video.





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