Member Engagement Challenges for Associations

Member Engagement Services for Associations

Whether you’re an association professional responsible for marketing, membership, meetings and conventions, communications or education/learning, you’ve experienced the challenges of engaging your members, boards, volunteers, sponsors or donors. Perhaps the #1 challenge our association clients face is, "How do we increase non-dues revenue?"

At E Group, we understand the unique engagement challenges of the association community, and we enjoy partnering with our association clients to solve problems. Gain insight into solutions that might be helpful to you in our Association Superheroes Checkist.


Lead your association to new heights.


Perhaps you may be experiencing problems similar to those we've seen with our clients:

  • Our association’s national conference is coming up, and we need a new way to attract sponsors.
  • Should our association keep managing our online store in-house, or is it time to outsource?
  • Our association’s donor recognition strategy isn’t attracting new donors or increasing contributions.
  • I need to increase non-dues revenue for our association but don’t know how.
  • How can we encourage our association members to stay rather than defecting to competitive organizations?
  • We’ve tried everything for our member get a member campaigns – what can we do that’s new and exciting?
  • What can I do to make my association’s membership kits more appealing and stay within budget? They need an overhaul.
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