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Here at E Group, we help our clients attract and retain the best talent, motivate employees to perform at peak levels and reward their contributions. Our clients come to us with problems like these:

  • Our turnover rates are too high, and we need to do something to plug the talent drain.
  • We’re wasting money and resources on too many recognition programs here. We need a unified approach and a way to measure results.
  • Our company values are just words on a wall to our employees. How do we make employees matter?
  • Our Gallup 12 scores are low and management want to see them rise quickly.
  • Our employee rewards program is costly and doesn’t seem to yield results.
  • With healthcare costs so high, management thinks we need a wellness program – but do they even work?
  • I can’t find a recognition program that works as well for millennials as it does for our baby boomers
  • Our CEO wants us to become a “Best Places to Work” company – how can we make that happen?
  • We’ve done the same old incentive programs for years and they aren’t working anymore.
  • I need to enlist every employee in helping to ensure safe work, but don’t know how.
  • How do we structure a safety program that doesn’t encourage under reporting?  
  • How do I find a rewards mix that optimizes performance results?
  • Our company is spending too much on a safety program that isn’t working – incidents are on the rise!

We know we’re not the ideal agency for everyone, but we may be able to help if these problems sound familiar to you.  You won’t find cookie cutter solutions with E Group; we provide exactly what you need to promote and sustain the results you seek.  Sometimes it’s simply fine tuning to make what you are currently doing more effective.  Other times, it’s developing and deploying technology that integrates tools, training and tracking to optimize employee engagement.

We can help.

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