Hot Hospitality Gifts: Summer Giveaway Ideas for the Frequent Traveler

summer gifts for your employees

In our final blog of our three-part series on summer promotional products for the hospitality industry, our experts at E Group have selected some great products to engage guests and employees who are traveling. These items are presented for a range of budgets and would be helpful in many summer travel scenarios.

If you missed our first post on water-friendly summer promotional items, check out "Summer Giveaway Ideas for Hospitality: Products that Engage Guests and Employees" or if you need summer gifts for your employees geared toward outdoor activities that aren’t so wet, check out our second post, "Sizzling Hospitality Summer Gifts for Your Employees and Guests".

Things You Need for Summer Travels, Both Near and Far

summer gifts for your employees

World travelers will love this new take on “marking the map” with their travels. This scratch-off map makes the perfect gift and also encourages others to explore the world. The gold layer easily scratches off to reveal a colorful world map.


summer gifts for your employees

If you’ve ever been lost or had an emergency with a dead phone, you know how important a power bank truly is. This 1000mAh mini disposable power bank acts as a backup battery for your iPhone and other Apple devices with a lightning cable. Guests and employees alike will definitely appreciate having one of these power banks handy.


summer gifts for your employees

While traveling, some people like to keep their valuables very close. This lanyard features a seven inch silicone holder and wraps around the corners of smartphones, IDs, room keys, cash or credit cards. Travelers can wrap them around their necks and tuck sensitive items away safely.


summer gifts for your employees

If your guests or employees walk or exercise in an unfamiliar place after dark, these safety light shoe clips can really come in handy.


summer gifts for your employees

Another great product for summer travels are wireless bluetooth earbuds. These colorful earbuds feature a microphone and volume control and their high quality is perfect for VIP guests or employees who go the extra mile.


summer gifts for your employees

On August 21, 2017 the first solar eclipse since 1979 will occur in the USA, and everyone will want to be prepared. This eclipse will darken skies all the way from Oregon to South Carolina, along a stretch of land about 70 miles wide. 12 million people live within this band, but up to 220 million reside within a day’s drive. These solar eclipse glasses will protect user’s eyes from the brightness of the sun, allowing people to view the eclipse without damaging their sight.


summer gifts for your employees

If for some reason your guests and employees can’t get away this summer, help them take a little digital vacation with a virtual reality headset. Featured above is a more deluxe model, but there are options available at many price ranges.


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